The improved LCA of photovoltaics: a contribution to the Swiss energy strategy 2050

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The improved LCA of photovoltaics

How much does photovoltaic electricity production impact on the environment? We critically recalculated the LCA of photovoltaics, based on the recent technological developments of production, conversion efficiency and of mounting systems. This leads to a further improved LCA of photovoltaic electricity, as, e.g., the emission of greenhouse gases per kWh solar electricity are reduced to less than half of the most recently published values. The results are relevant for any assessment of solar electricity, notably on the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050. The results are available in two versions (German only):
-- The article "Die bessere Ökobilanz von Solarstrom", published in Umwelt Perspektiven, nbr. 4/2013, pages 9 - 13
-- The more detailed article "Ökobilanz von Solarstrom", published as PDF on in September 2013 (18 pp.). In addition, you can find the calculation tables to these articles as PDF. (If you are interested in receiving the Excel file, please do contact us.)

(September 2013)


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